Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Frowns Deeper

Last night while I was reading, I stopped mid-sentence and sent an outraged email to H-Town which was titled “FUCK THIS IN THE ASS TIMES A MILLION WITH SHAQ’S RIGHT SHOE”.

Chapter 5 opens with Anna confirming with the girl from reception what she already knows – that the woman Christian is talking to is Elena the Evil Pedo from Hell – and completely losing her shit. She storms out of the salon because she loves to make dramatic scenes and proceeds to have THE EXACT SAME CONVERSATION with Christian about what a threat this woman is to her that they have already had at least three or four times. If you took out every scene or description where the author repeats herself, the entire trilogy would be 11 pages long.

H-Town: she writes, "My scalp is trying to leave the building."
My response: "My brain is trying to leave this book."

me: followed almost immediately by "Mrs. Leonard? I thought she was divorced"
because no one divorced has ever kept their married name, ever

H-Town: ever. Amber. Ever.

me: and also they proceed to have the same conversation they have every day

H-Town: yup Sex - angry conversation - sex - angry conversation - sex - angry conversation

While they are standing there screaming at each other in public about a problem that doesn’t actually exist, Christian gets a phone call warning him of an actual problem. It seems ghost girl is still on the loose but now she’s managed to get herself a concealed weapons permit (he claims during the conversation that she got this without a background check). Christian relays this to Ana and unilaterally decides she will be staying with him until his people get a handle on the situation. Ana reacts to this by screaming at him that she wants a haircut. Christian reacts to that by picking her up off the ground like a small child throwing a temper tantrum, which in all fairness to Christian is EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING.

I wanted to open my front door and throw the book outside
but was afraid it would kill the grass.
and for the 74th time in my notes, I wrote, "Ana is stupid."
Also, I just started keeping track of how many times he runs his hands through his hair
that's this book's "pants from hips" comment
four times in chapters 5 and 6

me: so he tells her about Leila going all The Shining

H-Town: hahaha

me: btw, that concealed weapons permit?
I checked
Washington State requires a background check that includes a mental health check and takes at least 30 days, sometimes up to 90
she did not get out of the hospital after a suicide attempt and go get a concealed carry permit at the fucking grocery store the next day

After carrying her over his shoulder in public, they go to Ana’s so she can pack since whatever Christian decides is the law. By the way, on hearing that Leila can now practically get a handgun from the nearest vending machine, her ONLY fear is that something might happen to Christian. Her instinct for self-preservation does not fucking exist. When they get to his place (he drove her Audi because women should never drive if a man is present) they continue having the same conversation they had an hour ago while they wait for Franco the “small, dark and gay” hairdresser to come over and cut Ana’s hair, which clearly will solve all of her problems.

me: did you enjoy the hairdresser?

H-Town: Oh my god
first off, nice slight about "I bet he's from Baltimore or something"
fake-uh Italian-uh accent-uh
also, he's gay

me: you should have known that because he's dark. ALL MEN WITH A TAN ARE GAY
why does she think he's faking an accent anyway?

H-Town: Italians aren't real
can we talk about the "I put a spell on you" part? (this is the song that is playing while she’s cooking them lunch)

me: haha yes

He could have a bottle of ketchup in there and it'd be more impressive than Ana's empty anorexic cavern of a fridge


H-Town: but then. THEN, the "I Put A Spell On You" part
when he sashays across the room towards her
I could not stop laughing
if anyone did that to me, it could be the hottest person on the planet, I would die of laughter

me: when I come see you I’m going to play that song and then duck walk across the room to you.

H-Town: and then I'll crab walk to you

Following her SUPER IMPORTANT HAIRCUT, they go back to their discussion about everything that’s wrong with him ever, which leads to her complaining about the stalking. He tells her he does “background checks” on all of his submissives and this is why he knows every goddamn thing about her – including her bank account number. Then they argue about money some more, and he brags to her about how much money he makes an hour, a figure that no one who isn’t actually paid an hourly wage would know, and certainly not a person who has more money than god.

Me: so he shows her the file on her

H-Town: oh that's right
what the FUCK

me: there is 1. no reason he would need a copy of her birth certificate at all, ever

H-Town: Maybe he's an Obama birther
he doesn't want subs from KENYA!

me: 2. no way you can get a bank account number from a background check

H-Town: Come on, Amber, we know he's magic. He probably just gazed dreamily at an ATM and it swooned and spit out all her account details.

me: I’m sure, but that's how he tells her he got it
her reaction: "I don't know if I should be angry or flattered."
but of course, she doesn't know how
oh also in this scene
"do you even know how much money I make?"

H-Town: "do you know who I am?" it's like that
I make $100,000 every hour
I use it to buy hair gel that I am constantly putting in my hair with my hands.


H-Town: Every time a bell rings, Christian makes $100,000

me: I did some math
James wasn't clear whether that was every hour of his life or every hour that he works so I did both
If he makes $100k every hour of his life, he is making $876 million a year
If you assume he is talking about a 40 hour work week, it's $208 million
So then I got on the internet

H-Town: which EL James and Ana clearly don't know how to do

me: want to know how much Rupert Murdoch made last year?

H-Town: yes I do

me: total compensation $33.3 million

H-Town: hahahaha

me: Warren Buffett's actual salary is $100k a year but including investment income, he made $48.1 million in 2006 (latest record available)

He owns hair salons! and publishing companies!

me: yes, salon owners and publishers totes make more than four times what Warren Buffett makes

Ana goes to the bedroom while Christian assembles some sort of SWAT team that is going to go looking for Leila, and she googles (WHO KNEW) schizophrenia because she feels Christian exhibits multiple personalities. Since schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are totes the same thing as each other and rapid mood swings are the same thing as having more than one distinct personality. WAY TO BE DEROGATORY ABOUT SOME VERY SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESSES, JAMES. THE PSYCHIATRIC COMMUNITY THANKS YOU.

Me: is "breathtaking ignorancism" in the DSM-IV?

H-Town: it should be now
Then Christian comes in and they take a lipstick tour (during the part of the argument when she was whining again about not being allowed to touch his chest, he suggests that they mark off the areas that are “safe zones” with a tube of red lipstick he apparently keeps around the house)
H-Town: I really wanted her to write "I'm a giant stalkery douchebag" on his back

me: oh I would have been drawing penises all over him. ALL OVER HIM
and then I would call him " Dickelback "

H-Town: hhahahahaa

me: (this is where a reference to Nickelback lyrics/songs would go if I knew any)

H-Town: thank god you don't know any

me: Dickelback is our new band
Our first album is Why Are You So Stupid? and the single off it is called Account Number 2950482945893

Chapter 6 starts with a tired banging scene I’m certain I’ve already read, and is followed up with her getting dressed in eveningwear finery for the charity masquerade party they are attending that evening at his parents’ place. Oh, and some ben-wa balls, which she still has yet to call by their proper name.

me: Chapter 6

H-Town: this line: "Boy, I want him."

me: I wrote that down too!
is she 11?

H-Town: once the hoo-ha parade is done then comes the dress-up scene
which is so much like an even stupider version of Pretty Woman, I wanted to ram my head through the wall

me: she must have had that movie on repeat the whole time she was writing this
she name drops a bunch of what I assume are high end designers
apparently this impresses others of our gender
but I had no idea what she was talking about

H-Town: Yeah, she could've said she was wearing a dress from Flim Flam McGee and I wouldn't have given two shits
"ooh, the new fall designs from Barb Wirefence! Amazing!"
"heels from Ben Dover! YES!"
oh, and Ana goes to the party with balls in her cootch
Don't forget that part

me: which she STILL can't name

H-Town: Yeah, it took me a second to figure out what they were because I didn't read the first book "Balls? What are they talking about (reads further) OH. OH, THOSE BALLS."

me: it was exactly like the no underwear scene, it was endless pages of her acting like no one had ever done that before
*did that yesterday*

They head for the party surrounded by The Ghostbusters extra security because of Leila. Naturally, everyone is massively rich and georgous and every woman is swooning because Christian is the richest and gorgeousest of all.

H-Town: the party scene was stupid
it was just EL James describing a party she wants to go to
oooh, masquerade masks! CHAMPAGNE! OLD PEOPLE!
ice sculptures!

me: synchronized servers!

H-Town: stupid bullshit!
she puts the whole menu into the book.
I wondered if Christian had sex with it while demanding a steak?

me: there was not one thing on that menu I would have eaten. not one

H-Town: it was just a bunch of French words shoved together

me: RIGHT?
I was honestly not sure those were actual things

H-Town: fromage e ferchette oui eiffel tower

me: this line
"Mia and Grace are already in situ..."

H-Town: STAB

me: I wrote "shut your hole"

There is an auction of various super classy rich people things I could not be less interested in, one of which is a weekend stay in Aspen, Colorado at property owned by Christian. Ana, as ever, is surprised to learn that he owns property. HE OWNS EVERYTHING IN NORTH AMERICA YOU TWAT. HE IS PROBABLY ALSO AN OLYMPIC CLASS SKIER. Out of the blue and for no reason at all, she decides to bid $24,000 on a weekend getaway she could have for free any fucking time she wants. And wins. The item. She loses at life because Christian is going to straight up murder the shit out of her for it.

H-Town: And then at the end, she bought Aspen.

me: oh my god wtf was that?

H-Town: he makes $100k/hour, it's cool
he probably farts out that much money

me: no it's not cool

H-Town: I foresee punishment INTERCOURSE coming soon

me: I know this sounds rapey, but she was asking for it
let's see, you don't want $24k, but your sociopathic boyfriend forces you to take it
do you a) quietly donate that money to a charity you believe in without mentioning it or
b) publicly give it away RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM

H-Town: for his own damn house

me: I'd be pissed too, just on principle, for her being such a fucking idiot

H-Town: and that's the end of two shit-tacular chapters.
What's been blown: Christian, a tube of red lipstick, and $24k.

me: my will to live, half an evening

H-Town: my summary: This book sucks so much that Dyson is considering filing a lawsuit.
boobs n shit, talk to you tomorrow

me: boobs to you as well


Pyxotic said...

You two rock my fucking world!!! I seriously laugh out loud everytime! More bowls of dicks please, your words sustain me :)

Randi said...

I love you both so much for this. I couldn't bring myself to read the other two books after suffering through the first one, so thank you for letting me read it by proxy--WITHOUT MAKING MY HEAD EXPLODE.

I'm going to be laughing all day at "Dickelback."

Did I say I love you already????

Els said...

Thank fuck for that - another review posted just as I was rereading the other reviews because they make me laugh so much! Am also from the UK and this blog got me thinking - when I did my english Lit A Level I bought "Literature notes" which were to accompany the set texts we were reading. As the 50 shades will no doubt be on the school reading list next year for 14 year olds, maybe you should publish the blog into reading notes and make a fortune!
PLUS, as there are a lot of UK fans of these reviews, how about a meetup to share anger over alcohol when you are in London. Am sure there could be quite a crowd. We could get you to sign our copies!

NerdyRachelMay said...

You two are the best!

I walked past a Supermarket display of a load of these books and I’m half concerned and half proud that my friends had to forcibly restrain me from kicking 50 shades of shit out of it. THIS is what E.L. James has turned me into… a nut job that wants to punch Supermarket bookshelves…

Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re braver girls than me!

x x x x

NerdyRachelMay said...
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NerdyRachelMay said...
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Shawn Lucas said...

I can tell that you ladies are getting tired of reading this steaming pile of horse dung. Granted, you may have been tired of it from the word "Go", but have suffered the stupidity for the sake of us, your fans. This installment, though, I could see the frown deepening, hear the screams rising, feel the anger seething. If you need to, pace yourselves, because right now this is the only thing keeping me from purchasing a cabin in the woods with no human contact. I will leave behind only four words. "It was 50 Shades..."

amberance said...

I am SO IN for a meetup. Let's do this.

Quvonda said...

I almost drowned my phone in Lucky Charms I laughed so hard!

Sarah Stevenson said...

YES. So happy to see a new installment from you guys.

Laughed so much at "I Put A Spell On You" duck/ crab walking.

Good work.

Helen said...

Once again, you have me chuckling in my office while my colleagues think I'm crazy.

I have, however, thought of an answer to the question of how $100 000/hour could ever be a feasible salary for anyone, let alone Christian. In your calculations, you suggested he does a 40 hour week. From what I can tell, he does no fucking work at all beyond occasionally shouting at people on the phone. If you take out all the time spent e-mailing, stalking, buying stalking/murder supplies, shagging, taking random time off to stalk Ana all the way to Georgia, gliding, sailing etc, then he's done about 10 minutes' work since the book began. Still a crazy salary for doing something that is never made entirely clear, but I don't think Bill Gates has anything to worry about just yet.

Els said...

Name the place, day&time and your UK fans will be there!

Anonymous said...

Romi said...

You two are great. I'm always "pooling" "down there" after I read your reviews. Boobs too you both!

H-town said...

Aw man, I don't get to go over to England to enjoy any 50 shits meet-up.

So glad you folks enjoy it! Amber and I are having a blast ripping it to shreds. Too bad the reading part is so shit-tacular.


Anonymous said...

I hope you do not mind, I posted a link on the Jane Austen FanFic site A Happy Assembly on their 50 Shades of Grey thread.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and agony. It was fun for me!

All the best...

resilientlight said...

I second the desire for a meetup! Haven't commented before but I promise I'm nice. Great idea from Els about publishing it as notes. do very cheap self-publishing deals ;)

AlbionGal said...

Hey guys. I am reading another chick's blog where she also tears these books apart and I wanted to know if there were other blogs out there. So glad I found yours! You two are hilarious, thank you for doing this. Looking forward to the next installment!

Anonymous said...

I love you two so much. Every post about this horrible series makes me laugh and rage so hard at the same time. My stomach is hurting from the laughter. Thank you for taking on this book so the rest of us don't have to. You both are angels.

Cherrie said...

Have just caught up on your reviews of the second fetid book - thank you so much. Pure pure genius. I actually laughed so hard at the 'Dickleback' comment that coffee shot out of my nose!

Watched a programme on Channel 4 last night about the phenomenon that is this god-awful trilogy. There were people interviewed referring to Christian Grey as being a modern day Mr Rochester or Darcy. My other half literally had to physically restrain me from lobbing my glass of wine straight through his television at the total and utter inane bullshit of this comment. He was only in the room in the first place because they showed Whoopi Goldburg asking that twat James how she managed to do so much research on the BDSM community, causing me to scream 'OH MY GOD SHE FUCKING DIDN'T' at such volume he thought I'd been shot.

Please keep up the good work - I genuinely love you guys!

Lumis said...

A link from a friend brought me here, and I couldn't help but read through all the 50SOG posts in one sitting. The sad part is that you didn't get to me in time - I already bought the books... Damn shame. But even with the worst crime already done, at least you saved me from actually reading through them expecting something in the lines of entertaining read.

I pray that the books I bought were pirated.

Would love a link to your other blog.

The Rob said...

Thanks for another hilarious entry!!!

found this in my FB newsfeed today...

Angela Koch said...

Amber, I'm really sad that you have to read these books, but I have to thank you for doing it. Sometimes I re-read your posts just so I can remember that all is not lost, not everyone worships this utter drivel, and maybe something good will end up on the NYT bestseller list again someday. I deeply appreciate the sacrifice.

Otternator said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your blog in my latest post, because you actually made it all the way through the story while I did not. You, good sir, are a far better woman (and probably person) than I. Congratulations on having a brain of steel!

Lady Lazarus said...

Jesus Christ! I had my cat sleeping on my lap just a second ago! Do you have any idea how rare a treat that is?? And now he's gone... This is the last time I'm reading this blog with my cats in the same room - uncontrollable explosions of laughter [Dyson's lawsuit] may cause serious mental problems to my cats... Please, please put a warning somewhere ["Beware of panty-combusting comments" maybe?]
Made my day :D

Anonymous said...

I did the math.

100,000 dollars per hour x 730 hours in a month (about) = 73,000,000 a month

73,000,000 a month x 12 months = 867,000,000 dollars per year (not factoring in the 30/31 day change in months and February)